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By FlyingSinger

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HBase and Hadoop are designed to solve problems where you have big data.  There are many application areas that traditional systems cannot properly handle but HBase and Hadoop can, a lot of valuable applications can be developed on the Hadoop framework. 

For instances, risk analysis and accurate portfolio evaluation in finance industry, better recommendations in online retail, log analysis, sensor data analytics, sophisticated modeling etc. 

Commercial customers have the flexibility of choosing HBase and Hadoop App Development services to meet specific business and technical requirements:

  • Click-stream log and Web log analysis
  • Market Analysis and trend analysis
  • Marketing automation
  • Processing of XML messages
  • Text processing
  • Archiving including relational and/or tabular data 
  • Realtime recommendation
  • Business Intelligence
  • GIS (3D maps) and spatial applications
  • Classification, Recommendations, and Relationship Finding applications

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